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Where to find jobs for international students in the UK?

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انتظر قليلا سيتم تحويلك الى صفحة المشاهدة

are you an international student in the UK wondering where do I even start looking for jobs in the UK? where are the positions? which website should target? where are these jobs? well, you are in luck because in this post I give you six resources on where you can look for jobs in the UK as an international student.

I look for positions almost daily for my clients so trust me I have figured out all the resources, I have looked everywhere and unfortunately, the bad news is that there is no one website you can go to look for these positions the good news is that I openly share all the materials that I use that help me find jobs, get into use for my clients.

Official websites of companies that sponsor international students

so the first place where I would go if I was an international student and I was back in the day is the official websites of companies that usually sponsor international students, so you have to go to the website of companies wish to apply, go to the careers section and look for open positions there, that’s where I found a job in the UK that sponsored me for a visa.

and usually, the websites of companies in the first place where the company would post a job and it is probably the most up-to-date position as well as the benefit of going to the official website of the company is that you can find out whether the company sponsors by going to the faq section on the careers website or reading in detail the job advertisement.

not always you’ll find that information but quite often these details are provided on the website or you can even find contact details of the company on the website so you can find out what they sponsor or not.

student circus website

the second resource that I recommend is the student circus website it is the only resource that I know designed specifically for international students, they only have jobs that are likely to be sponsored by a company for a visa or the job that companies are willing to give to students on graduate visa, so it is a unique resource that I recommend you should check out but keep in mind that most of the options or most of the information are available only for registered users, so you do have to register to use this website, luckily most of the universities partner with student circus so you can register using your university email address.

another thing that I like about this website is that you can filter by type of position so either internship or permanent job or placement and also you can filter by industry.


the third resource that you need to check out is LinkedIn and you probably already know about this website. Linkedin is not just social media where you post about yourself or connect with other people there are a lot of jobs posted on Linkedin daily so I do recommend going to the job section and looking for positions there you do have to filter out quite a lot of positions read carefully to find out whether they sponsor or not also maybe contact a few people on Linkedin to get a piece of information and unfortunately sometimes you just have to apply for the position and hope that you can negotiate your visa or at that interview or later stage and make sure you monitor most recent positions because it’s more likely you get the response for a job that’s been posted within a few days rather than post it within a few months.

graduate careers websites

the fourth resource that I recommend is going to the graduate careers websites that only post jobs for graduates or recent graduates or students. why do you recommend going to these websites they do have specific positions for people without experience and it is a good overview of different graduate schemes that are currently open.

which websites do I use for graduate positions?

I usually prefer going to prospects, milkround, and brightwork. These are the three main ones that I prefer there are probably many more but basically, you do have to filter out by industry and location and dig around to find out relevant graduate schemes not all of these positions will be sponsored but if you do your research you can find positions that will be sponsored eventually or straight away.

job searching websites

the fifth resource that I recommend is using different careers websites that are advertising jobs in the UK there are a lot of these available and it does take time to find the relevant position but as I said you can’t just use one resource you have to monitor a lot of open positions.

so which ones are out there the main one that I’m going to think is indeed, reed, totaljobs, guardianjobs, cvlibrary, and jobs from the government UK website. I think that’s all that I usually use, my favorite ones are indeed and totaljobs.

your university career services

the final resource that I recommend using is the university careers website or university careers services so your university most likely 99% will have some kind of career service and these services are free for students to use, maybe they won’t be tailored for international students but they will have a lot of useful information and a lot of open positions, these positions could be all negative by your university and maybe only to your university the company went to promote the positions so make sure you know which careers are your university’s advertising, where to find the jobs that university is sharing.

sign up for all the email updates and maybe even they’ll have some service for international students or students in general. these positions have quite a high response rate because they’ve been promoted through the university directly.

again it’s your responsibility to check whether they sponsor or not but I think that it is quite likely that some of these positions at least will have availability for sponsorship.

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