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How To Study Masters In The UK For Free

Commonwealth And Chevening Scholarship

Commonwealth And Chevening Scholarship

In today’s article, I want to talk to you about two UK government scholarships available for students who wish to study for master’s in the UK by the end of the article you should be more familiar with these two scholarships Chevening Scholarship and the Commonwealth Scholarship! You will also understand whether you’re eligible to apply for these scholarships and if you choose to apply what is the process.

Chevening scholarship

Chevening scholarship is the UK government’s scholarship program aimed at creating global citizens and leaders. It is a full scholarship to study a master’s program in the UK. I’m giving you information based on my knowledge experience and research but if you want official information from Chevening you need to go to their website.

what’s included in your Master’s scholarship from Chevening

fees of the course

The first and obvious thing that will be included in your master’s scholarship is the fees of the course. the full cost of your master’s degree no matter how expensive it is will be covered by a scholarship.

living allowance

The living allowance will cover the costs of accommodation in the UK and also other living costs you might have while studying in the UK.

visa costs

If you need to obtain a visa to study in the UK you will receive an allowance to cover this cost.

travel allowance

The fourth thing is an allowance to travel to the UK and allowance to return from the UK.

flight costs

as well as the final thing the cost of the flight to the UK and back to your country will be covered.

Eligibility for Chevening scholarship

to be eligible for the Chevening award you must be a citizen of the Chevening eligible country. Certain countries are considered to be Chevening eligible and there are lots of countries included. For example China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Morocco, Brazil, Singapore, and many more. The countries that are not included from the top of my head are the US, France, and Germany.

The second thing is you must return to your home country upon completing your master’s degree. This is a non-negotiable clause.

The third thing is you must already have an undergraduate degree from your home country.

The fourth thing is that you must have two years of work experience and the final thing that is required from you to be eligible to study and apply for a Chevening Scholarship is you must apply for three different master’s programs in the UK and you must obtain at least one unconditional offer.

There are also a few things to remember about your master’s program you must apply for a full-time master’s program, it must be based in the UK, it should be taught program not research-based and it must lead to a master’s qualification another important thing to remember that you might be asked to fulfill English language requirement and this should be done by July of the year you’re applying. usually, you’re required to get a score of 6.5 in IELTS or equivalent.

Process of applying for Chevening scholarship

Usually, you have to apply in August to start September the following year. So for example if you want to start in September 2023 you have to apply in August 2022, then if you are successful upon the submission of your application you’d proceed to the next stage.

The next stage is your two or more referees will be asked to provide references for you. if you pass this stage the next stage is to attend an interview. an interview is not necessarily will be located in the UK you won’t have to fly to the UK but it has to be at the British Commission so you have to attend the nearest Embassy of the UK.

The interview is the final stage and if you’re successful you’ll be awarded this amazing scholarship! But an important thing to remember is you must come back to your home country upon completing your degree there is absolutely no way you can stay in the UK upon completion of your degree you have to go back to your home country and make that positive impact you talked about in your application.

Commonwealth scholarships

this scheme is funded by the UK government department for international development, around 800 scholarships are given to candidates from Commonwealth countries. These countries are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and many more! The main aim of this program is to qualify the leaders of Commonwealth countries that are otherwise not able to come to study in the UK. This is also a full scholarship to study a Master’s program in the UK.

what’s included in your Master’s scholarship from Commonwealth

Each Commonwealth master’s scholarship includes such things as full tuition fees and living allowance and allowance to cover the cost of flight to the UK and from the UK, if you’re a single parent also a child allowance and an allowance or grant to write your thesis if applicable and also an allowance for warm clothing if you need one.

Eligibility for Commonwealth Masters Scholarship

To be eligible for the Commonwealth Masters Scholarship you have to be a citizen of an eligible Commonwealth country, you also must hold a first degree of an upper second-class Honours standard and the third thing is you must be unable to come to study in the UK unless you are sponsored by this scholarship, most probably you have never studied abroad before.

Process of applying to Commonwealth scholarship

you have to first apply to UK University that has a part funding agreement with Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. Some UK universities have agreed to a part-fund scholarship scheme so you should apply to one of these universities. you will find this information on the Commonwealth scholarship website, don’t worry most of the best universities in the UK have agreed to part-fund the scholarship.

The second thing you should do is apply to one of the nominating bodies. these organizations are specific to your country and then the final thing is to apply for the scholarships through the Commonwealth website. You have to make an online application for Commonwealth Scholarship Commission even if you have applied through another nominating body.

The important thing to remember about Commonwealth scholarships is that you’re not able to remain in the UK for work upon completing your master’s degree, you might be able to remain in the UK for Ph.D. study but this is also not guaranteed, nonetheless don’t be discouraged for applying for this scholarship it’s a great scheme and it could be your chance to be qualified in the UK.