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Top 10 Best Universities in the United Kingdom Based on 4 Ranking Systems

Top 10 Best Universities in the UK Based on Ranking Systems

Universities In The UK And Ranking Systems

There are a lot of great ranking systems but sometimes it is very hard to make sense of them in this article I give you the 10 best universities in the UK based on the average of four different ranking systems and at the end of the article I will share with you how to obtain a list of scholarships available from these universities.

I used four main systems: the Complete University Guide, times higher education rankings, Guardian higher education rankings, and QS world university rankings.

How these ranking systems define their rankings

just to give you a summary the rankings are based on several factors

- entry standards to the University

- student staff ratio at the university

- spend on academic research

- spend on the facility’s

- student satisfaction

- graduate prospects

- research assessment of the grade that students get at the university

- degree completion, the percentage of students completing the full degree at the University

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Top 10 Universities in the UK

10. University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is a very prestigious and elite university located in the city of Bristol in southwest England. It has a very beautiful campus and it has been reported that up to 13 people could compete for one place on an anti-graduate course at this university. The University of Bristol was also the first university in England to accept women on an equal footing with men.

9. University of Lancaster

This is a relatively new university, founded in the 1960s, but it’s already climbing the university ranking table, and Caster was named University of the Year by the Times and SundayTimes university guide in 2018. An interesting fact about the university is that Queen Elizabeth is a visitor, which means that any disputes that cannot be resolved by the university will be brought before the Queen herself.

8. University of St Andrews

this is the first and last University from Scotland on my list it is the oldest university in Scotland and the third oldest university in the UK, Prince William Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge graduated from st. Andrews in 2005.

7. University of Warwick

a relatively new university that open its doors in 1965 the university of Warwick is located on the outskirts of Coventry a city in central England, the universe is famous for its business school as well as economics and mathematics department.

6. Durham University

Durham is a typical university in the north of England with 16 colleges and a diverse range of topics. According to the Complete University Guide, Durham was the first university in the world to have an overseas campus.

5. LSE

London School of Economics or LSE, it’s famous for its political and economical focus and it’s located in the center of London.

4. UCL or University College London

situated in the heart of London it was founded in 1826 making it the third-oldest university in England and it was the first University of Whitman to admit students of any race religion class or gender, probably most teachers work of famous British philosopher Jeremy Bentham who was a spiritual father of the University College London.

3. Imperial College London

is located in Kensington a very posh area of central London, Imperial College is famous for focusing on sciences and research it also has a very prestigious Business School.

2. University of Oxford

It is one of the most well-known institutions in the world, and it is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, which is not unexpected given that it was founded in the 11th century. The University of Oxford has produced 27 prime ministers and 26 Nobel Prize winners among its graduates.

1. University of Cambridge

Cambridge is also a medieval university with a rich history, sometimes Oxford and Cambridge are referred to together as Oxford, the legend tells that Newton was sitting under the tree at Cambridge University and the apple fell on his head and he discovered gravity, the funded Cambridge is a top university in the world can tell you that it provides a perfect atmosphere for discoveries and research.